Pitahaya Hammock (L)
$ 174.00 USD
The Pitahaya Hammock is inspired from a fruit which is widely produced in Mexico, known worldwide as dragon fruit, now you can enjoy the most fresh pitahaya from Mexico the whole year.

*Free standard shipping to Mexico, USA and Canada, does not apply in areas with redirection (extended zone)
*Images show hammocks in MEDIUM size.
General specifications:
- Thick nylon thread
- Total Length: 13,7 ft (4,2 m)
- Body Length: 7,2 ft (2,2 m)
- Width: 5,9 ft (1,8 m)
- Weight limit: 660 lb (300 kg)

*Every hammock is hand woven by different artisians so the measurement may vary.
All our hammocks include: 1 pair of ropes to hang it (standard length), with the same colors as your hammock; and 1 illustrated manual, with all the indications and recommendations for its correct use.