Black Jaguar Hammock
$ 68.00 USD
Inspired by one of the most important symbols of Maya culture, the jaguar, venerated by rulers, warriors and priests. It is related with the underworld and it was believed that kings descended from the Jaguar. Many Mayan cities revered him, among them we find "EK BALAM", in the Mayan language means "Black Jaguar". We are inspired by the power and darkness of this imposing predator to create a beautiful hammock.
General specifications:
- Nylon thick threads
- Length: 13.7 ft*
- Width: 4.2 ft*
- Weight limit: 330 lb

*Every hammock is hand woven by different craftspersons so the measure will never be exactly.
Every predesigned model from our catalogue includes a pair of ropes to make your hammock more versatile. The ropes are on the same colors than your hammock.