Habanero Hammock
$ 68.00 USD
This hammock uses the natural colors of an ingredient that is always present in the traditional Yucatecan food. Although the habanero chili is produced in several countries around the world there is a denomination of origin that remarks the unique flavour and aroma of the Habanero from the Yucatan. We are so proud of our great Yucatecan products that we took the hot colors of one of the spiciest chiles in the world and used them to create a fresh and comfy hammock. This is a real piece of the Yucatecan Culture turned into a Mayan Hammock.
General specifications:
- Nylon thick threads
- Length: 13.7 ft*
- Width: 4.2 ft*
- Weight limit: 330 lb

*Every hammock is hand woven by different craftspersons so the measure will never be exactly.
Every predesigned model from our catalogue includes a pair of ropes to make your hammock more versatile. The ropes are on the same colors than your hammock.