is the website where you can order and customize your own authentic Mayan hammock. Every hammock that you order is 100% handcrafted and woven by Mayan artisans who strictly follow your design.

The weaving technique has been inherited and improved by the Mayan descendants of the Yucatan peninsula for hundreds of years. Our Hammocks are made in Tixkokob, Yucatan a rural community famous for its high quality hammock weaving. This, alongside threads fabrication, is the main support for the Tixkokob economy.

Yucatan and the Mayan culture have become more famous on the past few years. One of the most valued Mayan handcrafts is the hammock because of its comfort, beauty and fine details, and yet the mayan descendants are still economically lagging, in part because they don't get a fair refund for their creations, so we decided to help a bit.

Thinking about all the people that would like to get a piece of the mayan culture but can't make a trip to the mayan region we started to offer beautiful Mayan hammocks on the internet, to which the artisans don't often have access. We started by letting people create their own designs on our website, now we are also offering 6 predesigned models inspired from icons of mexican folklore and tradition.

The predesigned models are virtually created by us using aspects of mexican or mayan culture that people would like, we give those designs to the artisans so they can make a stock that we purchase for the right price. This way we give to the artisans a new source of income at the time that they keep their economic autonomy and their time independence.